All in a Day’s Work

Surely you’ve wondered, at one time or another, what Ethan does with all of his time.  What?  No?  Well, I’m going to tell you, anyway. No school. No job. No responsibilities. Just all day to explore the house and find things to do. (Of course, he loves getting out of the house…going to the park, the library, the store, a friend’s house…anywhere…but for the times we’re at home…)

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Baby Love

Asher will turn five months old in just a couple of days.  It has been such a joy having a baby in the house again.  Sure, there’s the crying. The spit-up. The pooping out of his outfits. But those are nothing compared to the sweet smell of his soft little baby head and having him lay that same head on your shoulder as he falls asleep.  Babies!  You gotta love ’em. Here are some recent pics:  Continue reading “Baby Love”

A Family Affair

Last week, Hans, the boys and I headed to Gulf Shores for a little vacation, our first as a family!  Not long after we unpacked, we made our way to the pool.  Ethan instantly fell in love.  (He’s only been swimming a handful of times in his young life…but he really likes it.)  And by “it,” I mean splashing around like a madman.  Which he also does in the tub.  I should probably put a stop to that, as much as I enjoy getting soaked while bathing him.  At least the bathroom floor is always clean.  And by “bathroom floor,” I mean the part in front of the tub that gets doused.  🙂

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The Ash Master

In five days, Asher will turn two months old.  Today, he weighed (at the doctor’s, on a real baby scale) 13 lbs, 13 oz — just four ounces less than Ethan did at five months old.  That’s the 95th percentile.  (Ethan’s never seen those kinds of numbers…) Of course, the Ash Man was born 1 lb, 11 oz heavier than his older brother.  And obviously, Ethan had a much slower start due to his surgery and subsequent month stay in the NICU.  What a difference a healthy digestive tract makes:

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