Sleeping Beauty. . .

Not everyone can travel with us into the NICU–and taking all of you readers into his room one by one would take quite some time. So you get this: a video of Ethan sleeping. I know it isn’t the best quality, but it gives you acomplia tablets an idea of what he does most of the day.

You’ll hear a couple of things in this. Ethan shares a big room with three other babies. Every baby is hooked up to machines that constantly monitor vital signs. Any time a sign drops a little below what it is supposed to something dings. That usually isn’t a big deal at all because it corrects quickly. Each IV (which just about every baby is on) also dings when the bag runs out or syringe runs out or whatever else is pumping things in run outs. Nurses have to key things into the IV when that happens so it sounds like they keep pressing buttons (like at the beginning of the video). Ethan treats the tube in his mouth like a pacifier–so you’ll hear him suck on it a few seconds. You also hear NICU nurses chatting and the usual baby noises. Don’t be bothered by his chest movements. He has to suck a little harder than the average bear to get a good breath (just like his asthmatic daddy). Not pretty to watch but not harmful.

Sleeping Beauty. . . from Hans Googer on Vimeo.

Room Tour. . .

Haven’t had gobs of time to write more. For those who like to know details (read: Liz Kearney), here’s a little video tour of our room. I’ll try and get a video of Ethan on here in a little while (end of the day maybe).

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Room Tour from Hans Googer on Vimeo.

Page me later

They gave me a pager. Why? Because Court is getting an epidural and family isn’t allowed in the room. They’ll let me know when I’m allowed back up. I feel so special!

They want the epidural ready in case she needs to have a c-section. We aren’t there, yet. They keep checking the heart rate. Everything is still good, but contractions aren’t very close. If we do pitocin again and there are still heart rate problems then we have to see what the next step is.

Prayer points: 1) closer contractions acomplia price 2) healthy heart rate 3) healthy mom.


There are big pink numbers on the computer that they’re using with Court. Those numbers tell the time. I always know what time it is. Time doesn’t pass quickly enough.

First bit of baby drama. Heart rate keeps dropping on the medicine. Not too badly, just below what they want. They’ve stopped the medicine and the heart rate has stabilized. But that means contractions have slowed down, rimonabant tablets too.