LOTR Update

I’m on page 648 out of 1008. With two weeks to go I’m feeling pretty good about this here bet with Evan. I have to have a keep a steady pace (my goal is 50 pages a day) to finish.

My only hope is Evan is tuning up his guitar and getting the best acoustically driven set he possibly can. This series WILL get finished.

Squank, Squank

After the rather feeble attempt at rice cereal, we’ve moved full steam ahead on to the wonderful world of veggies.  We’re using the Super Baby Food book to guide us in making it ourselves, which has been fun.  Not that you need a nearly 600-page book to tell you how to do it:  basically, you cook the vegetable of choice and then puree it to smithereens.  So far, Ethan’s been enjoying this new chapter in his eating.

The first vegetable we attempted was carrots.  Hans steamed, blended and then divvied the carrot puree into ice cube trays, which then went into the freezer.  The next day, I put Ethan in his bouncer (we’ve yet to get a high chair), and…success!  He didn’t have nearly as much trouble with the spoon this time…although carrot did make its way to most of his face and bib, which is recommended for picture-taking anyways.  🙂

“Finally, some beta-carotene!  This is what I’ve been missing.”

Since Ethan started to arch his back in his bouncer midway through eating, straining to get out, I thought I’d try putting him in his booster seat on the table.  He’d probably had a good serving of butternut squash when I decided to try it.  Well…that was the end of the feeding.  He became engrossed in his new seat, feeling all around and grabbing at the straps that hang off of it.  He wouldn’t even look at me, much less open his mouth.  So I just gave him the spoon and let him chew and bang on the tray with it.  We’ll get there.

“Is this right? I’m not getting anything.”

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had some good friends in town.  Here are a couple of my favorite pics of them with Ethan.

Beth and Kevin Irwin

“Tonsils look good, ma’am.  And the cheeks are fine, just fine.”

“I like you, Chris.  But your wife lets me play with her face.”

Here’s the first family pic we’ve taken since…December.

“Mom, I said stripes.  At least Dad listens to me.”

Last week, I took Ethan to the zoo for the first time, with my friend Erin and her 4-year-old.  I’m not sure how much he enjoyed the animals, but he had a good time on the fake alligator.  But that’s probably just because he wasn’t sitting in his 95-degree stroller.  🙂

“Baby steps…baby steps.”

Hans and I recently bought a new tub for Ethan, who had outgrown his first one, which we would set on the bathroom counter to bathe him.  The last time, the counter, the floor, and I were covered in water kicked out from Ethan’s little motorboat legs.  I tell you, he really enjoys bath time…

“…because I like the ‘squank, squank’ sound when I kick my tub.”

“Oh, they think they’re SO funny.”

And to close this thing out, a few parting shots…

“I believe I can fly…I believe I can touch the sky…”

“It’s huge.  I know.”

“I’ve had about enough. It’s nap time!”

The Lovin’ Spoonful

Ethan turned five months old yesterday, so we took him to the pediatrician for a check-up and his stats.  Weight: 14 lbs., 1 oz.  (10-25%)  Height:  25″ (25%)  Head Circumference:  17″ (50%) And, since he’s been one insatiable little bugger, we decided to start feeding him rice cereal.  So Hans headed to the store for the goods, and I opened the pack of brightly colored baby spoons.  This was going to be interesting.  As all of you parents know, feeding baby with a spoon is no walk in the park.  We stripped Ethan down to his skivvies, placed him in his Bumbo seat on the table, mixed up the cereal, and the rest is history:

Locked and loaded

“Wait…real food?  Did somebody say I get to have real food?”

“Um…I ordered the cheeseburger Happy Meal, ma’am…”

“A ‘spoon,’ you say?  Well, I don’t care for it.”

“Please, mom…make…it…stop.”

“Now we’re talking.”

March. . .

Now that March is nearly over, here is a slideshow of March’s pictures. If you’re tired of seeing pictures, I’m sure you can go read a news website or something like that. 🙂

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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

At around 11:15 Sunday morning, Ethan was discharged from the hospital.  The surgeon and the neonatologist cleared him to go, and the nurse got our papers together.  After packing our bags, eating our last room service meal, getting my frozen milk, and rapping “Empire State of Mind” for a couple of nurse friends, Ethan was wheeled out to the car.  It was deja vu all over again.  We bid our adieus and headed home.  During our stay, we got some pics of Ethan’s peeps, or, as Hans calls them, Heroes of the NICU (drumroll please!):

Ethan looks up to Kelli, his night primary nurse

Nurses Cansas (his day primary) and Ashley

Dr. Loe, who put Ethan back together again (twice)

Here’s the thankful, happy baby, back home:

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