An Interview with Courtney–Part 1

So, Courtney wrote a post yesterday, but she DELETED IT (which I was cool with) because she was making fun of me in it. I don’t mind being made fun of.  However, I do mind others making more fun of me than I do of myself. I am sorry for the three of you who were excited to see that she wrote a post, only to find that it had been deleted. I hope this post will be a consolation. It will be an interview with Courtney. I’ll ask the questions, she will provide the answers. You get the entertainment.

Why do you dislike blogging? 

Because it’s stupid.

Why do you keep people from reading what is, in my opinion, your excellent writing? 

I don’t doubt that my writing is good…I just don’t feel like I have anything to say. Go to Jen Hatmaker’s blog or something.

Who is that? Just kidding. Have you ever made a hat? 

Not that I can recall.

How much would I have to pay you to get you to write even one blog post a month? 

$1000 in unmarked bills.

That’s a lot. How about I just buy a bag of marshmallows on a whim like I did this week and we eat them? Close enough? 

Throw some chocolate-covered almonds in there, and we’ll call it even.

Great. I’ll work on that. Now, more serious, which child is your favorite? 


Now, for real, why do you dislike blogging? 

Blogging takes a lot of mental energy, and I don’t have much to spare. I’d rather take a nap.

[Please let the record show that you barely ever nap, though.] Ok, onward. What’s one of your favorite memories you think we’ve had as a family of five? 

Ummm…banana boating at Pine Cove Family Camp. Well, Abram and I watching you, Ethan and Asher on the banana boat. Except for the part where I was holding Abram and the boat we were on swerved, and we fell off the seat.

Family Camp has been fun. I think this is year number five for us. After year one, it wasn’t looking good that we’d be back. We had a huge fight immediately after getting on the interstate on the way home. What changed? 

Next question.

What do I do, other than this post, that drives you crazy? 

Nothing. Can we go watch “The West Wing” now?

You do know this counts as a blog post, though, right? I can’t let you get away with no real answers to questions. So . . . last question: what do you love most about being a mom? 

Oh goodness, I don’t know. I love having fun with them. I love kissing them on the top of their heads all day, although I know they won’t let me do it much longer. I love playing games with them (well, except when Asher loses…) and reading to them. I love taking them places. I love rocking Abram until we both fall asleep (usually me first…did I mention I’m tired a lot?). I love that I get to see life through their eyes, like starting all over again. Now you’ve made me all weepy. I hope you’re happy.

I am. We can watch “The West Wing” now. 


Coming back soon. . .

It’s been a while. Somehow, the blog got hacked a while ago and there were a bunch of cialis ads all over the thing. Not exactly sure how that happened. After some time (too much time) I think I got to the bottom of the issue, deleted the files that got into the system, and we are now good to go.

Be on the lookout for more entries soon.


You may not believe it, but I have the physique of a professional football player. Just ask my wife. But when you ask her, be sure she thinks that you asked, “Hey, is Hans made like a marshmallow.” But had I used my mad football skills to get me through college I likely would have been able to participate in a bowl game, in which I would receive lots of cool goodies.

Check out this link of gifts given to players in bowl games. Some of the highlights include. . .


The Final Chapter. . .

I have about 10 pages to go in my Lord of the Rings bet with Evan. I’ve taken up my “seminary reading” mode—where I no longer care about how well the story is told and need to simply finish.

I had a professor at seminary talk about one of our reading assignments, giving us the exhortation to simply “get it done.” That’s where I am right now. Getting it done.

I’ll say this: this book takes a VERY long time to end. This is the longest amount of falling action I’ve ever seen.