My Life and Times

I haven’t posted a blog in ages.  For those of you trying so desperately to live vicariously through me (and I know there are a lot), here’s a rundown on the past three weeks.  I hope it suffices.

Since September 1, I’ve been to the doctor four times (ob-gyn twice, endocrinologist, and maternal fetal doc).  I’ve joined a Bible study ( on Thursday mornings at The Chapel.  LSU has won three games.  Hans and I have had lunch or dinner with six different couples.  I got a flu shot.  I’ve been trained on a new insulin pump ( that constantly reads my blood sugar (via another device attached to me).  I’ve read “Blink,” by Malcolm Gladwell.  I’ve gotten up to Harry Potter Book #5.  I’ve eaten a bag and a half of Totino’s Pizza Rolls and two pints of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia FroYo.  I’ve seen my family more than I have in the past five years.  I’ve watched more Arrested Development than I care to admit.  And I’ve been to Houston for a baby shower and to visit my cousin and her family.  The latest pics I have are from that shower, so I shall share now:

100_1695There we are:  Hans, me, and baby Ethan
The family resemblance is striking, I know.

100_1654My wonderful hosts, Hans’ cousin Aimee and aunt Laurie

100_1656Hans and I doing an awesome job of posing at the buffet

100_1657My cousin Denise

100_1660Josh, Hans, and their twin shirts

100_1662SOCK MONKEY!!!

100_1664Watching us open gifts is riveting.

100_1668Uncle Jon does his best to capture the excitement.

phentermine with acomplia class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-194″ title=”100_1671″ src=”×225.jpg” alt=”100_1671″ width=”300″ height=”225″ />Hans is very impressed with our new infant travel bed.

100_1681Everyone else was impressed with his mattress-balancing act.

100_1691“You know, Sam, this is the best shower I’ve been to.”

100_1659Me and the grannies

100_1711Kasen doesn’t want to work.  He doesn’t want to play.

100_1706O Brother, There Art Thou

100_1689Grandma Joy and Shana

And there you go.  I’ll try to blog again before the baby’s born.  Speaking of, the due date is December 2.  (But my doc said he’d be here before then.)  On Tuesday, he weighed in at 3 lbs, 1 oz.  And I feel him kicking my stomach all the time.   🙂

Where has all the time gone?

You’ve GOT to be kidding.

We’ve been here a month? A whole month. Over a month, actually. A month and a week. I get this question a lot: Hey Hans, what do you do with your time?

What do I do with my time? Tons of stuff. I think. I always wonder if I am doing enough. Then I wonder if I’m doing too much. Then I eat lunch. Rinse. And repeat. Every day. But for some of you who may be playing what-is-it-that-Hans-does trivia, here are some of the highlights of the past month (and a week) in no particular order:

  • Meet leaders. I feel like half of the time has been spent connecting with the already-connected-and-leading crowd. Why? Because I don’t want them to stop leading. And I don’t want them to feel like they aren’t being cared for by the pastors of the church. So I have lots of lunches, lots of dinners, and we try and open up our home as much as possible (now that we have those beautifully painted rooms). These people are the ones who make the ministry here happen, and we cannot neglect them (nor run them into the ground with activity).
  • Write emails. I have watched the amount of emails I have received in a day go from about 2 to about 30. Not all of them pertinent, but man do I get more than I’m used to. Also, working with international students, an email may be more effective than a phone call (as written skills often outpace spoken skills for many of these students). I’ve tried the phone call route. That is funny. I should record a conversation and post it for you to watch.
  • Church Stuff (or, lots of meetings). We have a meeting for 90 minutes every Tuesday. On the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays we have an all-staff meeting (with both locations combined). On the 2nd and 4th we have site-specific meetings. Also, as I am a pastor, I get the honor of being in another meeting for about 75 minutes before the all-staff meetings. But those are the scheduled meetings. There are many impromptu meetings, and those I love. People come into the office and want to talk about anything from marriage counseling to football, and I always try my best to accommodate. Thus far, I’ve maintained an open-door policy. I hope I can maintain that.
  • Pray. Being in this position has challenged me to pray more. You pray for leaders. You pray for the lost. You pray for your elders. You pray for your spouse. You pray for yourself. You quickly realize that everything that happens needs to have God’s leadership and direction for any success (well, any successful success). I am overwhelmed often in this job, and prayer needs to be of utmost importance in what I do. The international students have taught me that well already. They come from backgrounds where prayer, not planning, is the most important part of what they do. I need to learn from them.
  • Plan. Yes, planning does happen, and in no way have I abandoned the idea of planning. But everything gets held with a loose fist. We have a direction, we have programs, but they often get changed. This is probably where I’m the weakest.
  • Go to campus. Ministering at a church on the outskirts of LSU’s campus makes it fun to grab my lunch and walk to the student union to look for someone to talk to. My first week here I met two Chinese students who had been in the country for four days. Last week (or the week before) I met a math Ph.D student from northern India. A few days before that I met two guys at Wendy’s. All of these people matter to God. All of them. And they’re at our church’s doorstep.

So if you come to Baton Rouge and stop by the church at any given time, I’ll likely be doing one of these things. As the semester gets busier, you can add lead community groups to the mix. That’ll start in a few weeks.

This, of course, is what I do. What does Courtney do? She goes to the doctor. A lot. It seems like she goes at least once a week to one of her three specialists. Sometimes two or three times. So if you come to Baton Rouge at any given time she’ll likely be getting an ultrasound much like this one:

Picture 001

But she is getting pretty good at holding her own at the ole ultrasound machine. She goes so often that we are really thinking of just doing our own. What do you think? Could Courtney run an ultrasound? I wonder if she could perform one on herself. That may get difficult.

Picture 002

So that has been a brief review of a month and a week. Where has all the time gone?

Doctor visits. That’s where.

Moving on Up

Well, it’s been over two weeks since we moved to Baton Rouge, and I still hadn’t made my inaugural post despite the fact that I am jobless. I wasn’t sure how much longer “I’m unpacking, already” was going to fly as an excuse for not entering the land of Blog. What power I have. (Does anybody even READ this?) I wouldn’t.

SO. The house. Yes, the house. Seeing as I lived here (off and on) for nearly six years before getting married, it’s not really “new” to me. But we’re trying. We’ve painted the guest room “Motor City Blue” and the study “Wild Hawk.” Wild Hawk houses Hans’ desk, three overloaded bookshelves, a twin-sized cot, and our old couch. It’s our most multi-functional room. (Hans can take naps between working on his sermon illustrations) Here the rooms are, in all their newfound glory:

Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
The Study

We’re still in the market for a living room set, a few nursery items, and maybe some paint for the bathroom upstairs (currently a too-bright-shade of light blue). I’ve gone garage saling with a friend two of the three Saturday mornings I’ve been here. While I didn’t find a suitable living room set, I did buy a CD of 102 children’s songs…which I’m listening to right now. “…roll over…so they all rolled over, and one fell out. There were four in the bed and the little one said, ‘Roll over, roll over.’ So they all rolled over, and one fell out…” Learning to subtract has never been so fun (or…weird).

Anyway, I think I’m going to try to obtain a library card. With acomplia in usa all this free time, I’m trying to read as much as possible. My only problem is I like to read while lying in bed…which leads to falling asleep in bed… I guess the baby needs the rest? Yes. The baby. Everything is about the baby now.

Which reminds me, I probably should eat a cookie.

Plus, that’s enough reading about my super interesting life for one day.

It’s a. . .

Well, the time has finally come and gone. That time at 18 weeks where we wait as the ultrasound technicians says, “Do you want to know the sex of the baby.” I’ve been told that there is no experience like the one where you run out of the delivery room and say “It’s a. . .!!!” to a room of family and friends. Well family and friends, if you want to pretend that just happened, be my guest. However, Courtney and I decided that we’ll have enough to think about on the delivery day (blood sugar, health of mom, health of baby, how long the baby will be in the NICU)  so we opted to find out whether we need to be buying pink or blue.  We are having a . . .

Boyacomplia usa />

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is worth at least 1001. Welcome to the family, son. You make your mother and  me proud.