Coming back soon. . .

It’s been a while. Somehow, the blog got hacked a while ago and there were a bunch of cialis ads all over the thing. Not exactly sure how that happened. After some time (too much time) I think I got to the bottom of the issue, deleted the files that got into the system, and we are now good to go.

Be on the lookout for more entries soon.

She makes it all work out. . .

I write this as Courtney and a group of other girls are in the living room doing one of our new Young Professional small group studies. This semester she and I are taking the Perspectives course together, she is involved in a group of young mothers on Thursday mornings, and has agreed to play host for the girls at our home right now. No, activity in church life does not mean some kind of deep spirituality. But I just have to say this: I do not understand how she makes it all work out.

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How to Handle the Hospital

Pastors and hospital visits. They go together hand in hand. Shoot, people and hospital visits do. In the past 17 months on the job, I have visited people who had a newborn with RSV, premature babies with multiple issues, a pregnant mother whose body wanted to give birth (many months) earlier than it should, a woman who suffered a stroke, a friend who needed an aortic aneurysm repaired, and a burn victim, as well as a few healthy newborns and mothers.

I understand that everyone wants the pastor to visit them in the hospital. But, quite honestly, the pastor (read: paid staff member) is not always the best person. If people are in ministry with others (small group, service team, etc.), I find it best that those people go. Regardless, I’ve had my share of hospital room and waiting room visits (some good, some not so good, and some hilarious), and I’ve also been the one who has been visited. In it all, I¬†have found a few things helpful to know. So consider this Hospital Life 101.

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Eminem and Andrew Peterson-Two Sides of the Same Story

I am outing myself by writing this. I know that. And I also know that my boss or someone may read this and wonder why I am blogging about Eminem. (Then they may ask me to remove the post–ha!) All that is well and good. And expected. The truth is this: I like Eminen. I also love Andrew Peterson.

I know music is very polarizing. And especially certain genres. In fact, it may seem very funny for me to mention Andrew Peterson and Eminem in the same sentence (sorry if that offends EITHER artist), but not to me. . .

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