My Life and Times

I haven’t posted a blog in ages.  For those of you trying so desperately to live vicariously through me (and I know there are a lot), here’s a rundown on the past three weeks.  I hope it suffices.

Since September 1, I’ve been to the doctor four times (ob-gyn twice, endocrinologist, and maternal fetal doc).  I’ve joined a Bible study ( on Thursday mornings at The Chapel.  LSU has won three games.  Hans and I have had lunch or dinner with six different couples.  I got a flu shot.  I’ve been trained on a new insulin pump ( that constantly reads my blood sugar (via another device attached to me).  I’ve read “Blink,” by Malcolm Gladwell.  I’ve gotten up to Harry Potter Book #5.  I’ve eaten a bag and a half of Totino’s Pizza Rolls and two pints of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia FroYo.  I’ve seen my family more than I have in the past five years.  I’ve watched more Arrested Development than I care to admit.  And I’ve been to Houston for a baby shower and to visit my cousin and her family.  The latest pics I have are from that shower, so I shall share now:

100_1695There we are:  Hans, me, and baby Ethan
The family resemblance is striking, I know.

100_1654My wonderful hosts, Hans’ cousin Aimee and aunt Laurie

100_1656Hans and I doing an awesome job of posing at the buffet

100_1657My cousin Denise

100_1660Josh, Hans, and their twin shirts

100_1662SOCK MONKEY!!!

100_1664Watching us open gifts is riveting.

100_1668Uncle Jon does his best to capture the excitement.

phentermine with acomplia class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-194″ title=”100_1671″ src=”×225.jpg” alt=”100_1671″ width=”300″ height=”225″ />Hans is very impressed with our new infant travel bed.

100_1681Everyone else was impressed with his mattress-balancing act.

100_1691“You know, Sam, this is the best shower I’ve been to.”

100_1659Me and the grannies

100_1711Kasen doesn’t want to work.  He doesn’t want to play.

100_1706O Brother, There Art Thou

100_1689Grandma Joy and Shana

And there you go.  I’ll try to blog again before the baby’s born.  Speaking of, the due date is December 2.  (But my doc said he’d be here before then.)  On Tuesday, he weighed in at 3 lbs, 1 oz.  And I feel him kicking my stomach all the time.   🙂

“Well, that’s really not fair…”

Since I’m not working (unless you count scheduling events on Hans’ Gmail calendar and typing up visitor info into a spreadsheet), I can’t help but be reminded of this scene from Seinfeld.  I love George…maybe because (on occasion) I can identify with him:

acomplia rimonabant pill value=”always” />

The Office

Due to popular demand (or maybe just one comment by a friend), I decided to post some pics of Hans’ new office at The Chapel. You may notice that the walls are a stunningly familiar shade of…Motor City Blue, a.k.a. Leftover Guest Bedroom Paint. The place could use some wall hangings, bookshelves, maybe a ficus tree or two. I don’t have many pics (the office isn’t very big…), but I think they include everything in there:


New desk, new office chair, new pastor

acomplia for sale class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-148″ title=”100_1624″ src=”×225.jpg” alt=”100_1624″ width=”300″ height=”225″ />

Three Chairs (definitely NOT new) and a Table


An Office with a View
(or, “This Microwave Doesn’t Work Very Well”)


Judging by his mini-fridge’s contents, you’d think he were a bachelor.
But wait! No! That’s a bag lunch made by his sweet, caring wife!

And that’s it: Hans’ Office 2009.  Check for updates in the future…

I Go Walkin’

Since I’ve put on a little weight lately, I’ve decided to give some mild exercise a try.  I’ve taken 30-minute jaunts around the neighborhood every day this week.  I go early so as to avoid the insufferable heat and humidity that descend upon Baton Rouge by late morning (followed by the seemingly daily afternoon shower).  Here are some of the things I’ve come across:

I saved the best for first.  Even the trees here are Tiger fans.

I saved the best for first.  Even the trees here are Tiger fans.

Ooh...I love a good traitor.

And Texans.

Why not paint the door to match the flowers?  Brilliant.

Purple Door, Purrrr-ple Door

This shade was inspired while the owner was brushing his teeth.

This shade was inspired while the owner was brushing his teeth.

That sign says "Yard of the Month."

That sign reads “Yard of the Month.”

But I like this one better.  And not just because one of those trees is a satsuma tree.

But I like this one better.  And not just because one of those trees is a satsuma tree.

Flora abounds in this neighborhood:  tons of crepe myrtles like this one, plus magnolias, oaks,

Flora abounds:  lots of crepe myrtles like this one, plus magnolias, oaks, cypress…um…grass.


Lots of grass.

Tons of it.

Mowing is for suckers.

Didn't get his V-8 juice this morning.

Looks like somebody needs a V-8.

That's our house.  And that's our monster Christmas tree growing in front of it.

That’s our house.  And that’s our monster Christmas tree.

"He is a loathsome, offensive brute...yet I can't look away."

“He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.”

So there you have it.  Thanks for joining me on this virtual tour of our neighborhood.  I left out the somewhat dilapidated rent houses (occupied primarily by college students) for your viewing pleasure.  Have a good day!

Moving on Up

Well, it’s been over two weeks since we moved to Baton Rouge, and I still hadn’t made my inaugural post despite the fact that I am jobless. I wasn’t sure how much longer “I’m unpacking, already” was going to fly as an excuse for not entering the land of Blog. What power I have. (Does anybody even READ this?) I wouldn’t.

SO. The house. Yes, the house. Seeing as I lived here (off and on) for nearly six years before getting married, it’s not really “new” to me. But we’re trying. We’ve painted the guest room “Motor City Blue” and the study “Wild Hawk.” Wild Hawk houses Hans’ desk, three overloaded bookshelves, a twin-sized cot, and our old couch. It’s our most multi-functional room. (Hans can take naps between working on his sermon illustrations) Here the rooms are, in all their newfound glory:

Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
The Study

We’re still in the market for a living room set, a few nursery items, and maybe some paint for the bathroom upstairs (currently a too-bright-shade of light blue). I’ve gone garage saling with a friend two of the three Saturday mornings I’ve been here. While I didn’t find a suitable living room set, I did buy a CD of 102 children’s songs…which I’m listening to right now. “…roll over…so they all rolled over, and one fell out. There were four in the bed and the little one said, ‘Roll over, roll over.’ So they all rolled over, and one fell out…” Learning to subtract has never been so fun (or…weird).

Anyway, I think I’m going to try to obtain a library card. With acomplia in usa all this free time, I’m trying to read as much as possible. My only problem is I like to read while lying in bed…which leads to falling asleep in bed… I guess the baby needs the rest? Yes. The baby. Everything is about the baby now.

Which reminds me, I probably should eat a cookie.

Plus, that’s enough reading about my super interesting life for one day.