Hey Buddy

“Hey buddy.  Hey buddy!  HEY BUD-DEEEEE!”

It’s 6:30 in the morning, and Ethan’s voice, escalating in volume and urgency, is coming through the monitor two feet from my dozing head.  Somebody’s ready to start his day.  And somebody’s not…but that’s irrelevant.  🙂  My alarm clock has gone off.  And he doesn’t have a snooze button.

I think I’ve been saying “Hey buddy” to him since he was born, so I only have myself to blame for his favorite catchphrase.  He must say it twenty times a day.  In fact, he just started preschool, and his teacher sent me a sweet note saying, “He kept walking up to me at various times during the day and saying ‘Hey Buddy!!!'”  Yep.  That’d be Ethan.

He says it to strangers.  He says it when he gets nervous or excited.  He says it to get my attention.  If you know him, he’s probably said it to you.  That’s my little buddy.

“Hey Buddy!”