All in a Day’s Work

Surely you’ve wondered, at one time or another, what Ethan does with all of his time.  What?  No?  Well, I’m going to tell you, anyway. No school. No job. No responsibilities. Just all day to explore the house and find things to do. (Of course, he loves getting out of the house…going to the park, the library, the store, a friend’s house…anywhere…but for the times we’re at home…)

Our bathroom is one of Ethan’s favorite rooms. And one of his favorite things to do is shoot these little toys (they’re called Pop Links) into the baskets and onto the shelves of the shower caddy. Our little southpaw’s throwing skills have improved dramatically over the past month, as proven by the number of times I’ve picked the shower gel bottle up out of the tub for him to knock over again. And again. And again.

"LeBron who?"
Ethan Doin' Work

He also likes “brushing” his teeth and “cleaning” out the cabinets.

"Look, cavities!"

Another favorite room in the house is the kitchen. Because, of course, that’s where the food is.  And by food, I mean Cheerios, crackers (including Goldfish) and fruit. Because he doesn’t eat a whole lot else at this particular junction in his life. Thank goodness for breakfast.

"I can feel my cholesterol lowering."
"A toddler's work is never done..."

Residing in one of our closets is a box of DVDs. Ethan’s progressed from just looking at them, to opening them, to spinning them, to taking the papers out of them. He’s even emptied out the box and sat in it. I say go for it, kiddo. Anything for an extra 15 minutes of rest in the morning.  🙂

"Two thumbs up? Seriously?"

A fairly large portion of each day will undoubtedly be spent playing with every boy’s favorite:  cars!

"Clean-up on Aisle 5."

And let’s not forget the trains.  I think Ethan says the word “train” more than any other during any given day.  A close competitor would be “truck.”  And since he can’t pronounce the “TR” sound, it’s more like “nain” and “ruck.”

In training for a train table

And every now and then, he’ll even let me do silly things, just for a silly pic:

"I am not amused."
"Okay, I'm kind of amused."