Baby Love

Asher will turn five months old in just a couple of days.  It has been such a joy having a baby in the house again.  Sure, there’s the crying. The spit-up. The pooping out of his outfits. But those are nothing compared to the sweet smell of his soft little baby head and having him lay that same head on your shoulder as he falls asleep.  Babies!  You gotta love ’em. Here are some recent pics: 

"Yes I am."
"What IS that...? Ethan!!"
Show me that smile again ...
Don't waste another minute on your crying...
"It's baby fat. Seriously."

We recently started feeding our full-sized bambino rice cereal, which he has taken to quite heartily.  No surprise there.  Here’re pics of the two boys at practically the same age, during their first foray into feeding:

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

We’ve started putting him in things other than the swing (which he’s practically outgrown) and bouncer, such as the Exersaucer and Johnny Jump-Up.  I’m so thankful for other ways to entertain babies…because lying on the floor gets old fast.

"This is different."
"Where's the cruise control on this thing?"

Other than that, he’s just doing his baby thing.  Making noises.  Rolling over.  Being cute and collecting kisses.  🙂