A Family Affair

Last week, Hans, the boys and I headed to Gulf Shores for a little vacation, our first as a family!  Not long after we unpacked, we made our way to the pool.  Ethan instantly fell in love.  (He’s only been swimming a handful of times in his young life…but he really likes it.)  And by “it,” I mean splashing around like a madman.  Which he also does in the tub.  I should probably put a stop to that, as much as I enjoy getting soaked while bathing him.  At least the bathroom floor is always clean.  And by “bathroom floor,” I mean the part in front of the tub that gets doused.  🙂

"Welcome to Splashville, baby!"
"Higher. Higher, I say!"
"Sunscreen? I thought that was mousse."
"Is this really necessary? I tan quite well."
The Googer Men
"Hey. Personal space. Out."
"Ooh yes. I heard this was good."

As you may have concluded from the pictures, we never made it to the actual beach.  I would blame Tropical Storm Lee, but we were there before he arrived (and left as he was blowing in…).  I just like the irony of not going to the beach on our beach vacation.  Another way to put it is, I don’t care for sand.  Or jellyfish. Or sharks. Or broken glass. Or riptides.  🙂  We had a great time, though, and can’t wait for our next one!