The Ash Master

In five days, Asher will turn two months old.  Today, he weighed (at the doctor’s, on a real baby scale) 13 lbs, 13 oz — just four ounces less than Ethan did at five months old.  That’s the 95th percentile.  (Ethan’s never seen those kinds of numbers…) Of course, the Ash Man was born 1 lb, 11 oz heavier than his older brother.  And obviously, Ethan had a much slower start due to his surgery and subsequent month stay in the NICU.  What a difference a healthy digestive tract makes:

"I'm not fat. I'm fluffy."
"Ready for dinner."

My sister Sydney was in town last week, so we had a mini photo shoot with the little potato.  Here’re a couple of the shots she took:

Caught mid-sneeze
"They call me Baldilocks."
"It's the claw!"
"Too bright!"

Here are the brothers:

"We don't even look related, do we?"
"Bro, open your eyes and smile. I need to eat."