Resolution Update!

We’ve now hit that part where the rhythm has set in. Tuesday, Wednesday, and many Thursday nights are booked. Some Sunday and Friday nights are now booked as well. Still, we are plugging along and God has been gracious to give us more than expected to get through.

For the two of you wondering, I thought it would be good to update you on my New Year’s Resolutions (or faith Goals). Here we go.

  • Bible Reading: I am caught up with my Bible in a year plan (I think I missed two days so far). I’ve gotten through Genesis, Job, Exodus, Leviticus, and today will get me through Numbers 15. What is encouraging is that the stories are starting to become more and more familiar—even in Leviticus and Numbers. Familiarity with the text is what I am really hoping for in this. Memorizing Ephesians? Not so much. I still think I can get there by June, but it is time to buckle down.
  • Family: I have certainly been home more than usual. (We even have eaten at the dinner table!), but this one has not been as easy to get as the others. Even on busy nights, I try and get home to at least grab dinner and pray. The time has been very good. Also, by regularly praying with Courtney I have found that we are praying for things that we wouldn’t normally think of. We are brining more and more of our needs to Him in prayer. The next stop on this train is how to incorporate reading the Bible into our family time (with a 15-month-old). Pray for us! (ha)
  • The no soft-drink diet: I still haven’t had a soft drink this year. And for those of you wondering, I am defining a soft drink as anything carbonated and sweet, but I am also including sweet tea and lemonade in this. Unsweetened tea with Splenda is fine. I’ve had two dreams in the past two months that I’ve had a soda–and it was Diet Coke. Seriously? Why on earth do I dream that I’m drinking Diet Coke instead of regular Coke. It makes no sense. Still, the time has been good. And my no soda rule has boiled over into other parts of my life. I’ve cut way back on fried food, fruit juice, dessert, and candy (read: junk food) and have added in way more of the healthy (read: lame) stuff. Along with that a good friend said “you shouldn’t have fast food either” so I’ve only had it once this year (and that’s only  because Woodville, Mississippi only has a Sonic).
  • Books: I knocked out three books in January, reading Jindal’s autobiography Leadership and Crisis, Bridges’ Trusting God Even When Life  Hurts, and Cloud and Townsend’s Boundaries. February wasn’t as strong but I read Peterson’s Working the Angles: The Shape of Pastoral Integrity, and Miller’s A Praying Life. I read about 1/3 of three other books and have also set aside 1-2 hours of reading a week for the Perspectives course I’m taking with Courtney. I’m shooting to complete four books in March so I can stay with the averages.

So there’s your mini-update. Back to it!