She makes it all work out. . .

I write this as Courtney and a group of other girls are in the living room doing one of our new Young Professional small group studies. This semester she and I are taking the Perspectives course together, she is involved in a group of young mothers on Thursday mornings, and has agreed to play host for the girls at our home right now. No, activity in church life does not mean some kind of deep spirituality. But I just have to say this: I do not understand how she makes it all work out.

On top of the groups she is a part of, she takes wonderful care of Ethan, supports the whole family in prayer, makes it to all her Dr. visits as a new mom, makes sure I’m fed (usually!), and watches other people’s kids so that they can serve in other parts of town. She does it all without complaining or arguing, and she does it all with love. When she leaves for a day I feel a little undone; but when I leave (and I’m about to leave for three nights), I know that everything will be taken care of. On top of that, she gets to manage the joys of type-1 diabetes (a disease I’d wish on no one) and a second pregnancy (and the two of those don’t go hand-in-hand incredibly well). When I think of all the things she does for our family I am overwhelmed.

Somehow, she makes it  all work out. And I love her to pieces.