Keeping up with the Hanses

On his first birthday, Ethan weighed 21 lbs, 12 oz (25-50%), measured 30″ (50-75%), and his head was 18 1/2″ around (50-75%).  That was over a month ago.  I think he’s up to 23 lbs now.  And this blog entry has been sitting in the drafts folder for so long, it’s getting dusty.  Hans has lapped me (more than once) in blog-writing – he’s a new man, with New Year’s resolutions and everything, and if he casually mentions to me one more time that I should blog about such-and-such, I’m going to…drink a fountain Cherry Coke right in front of him.  Ha!

Onward!  Ethan celebrated his first birthday by having himself a little party, complete with lots (and lots and lots) of food he couldn’t eat and a cupcake that he didn’t even want to.

“Um.  What is this?”

The attendees very generously showered him with presents.

“I’m a Wocket Man…”

“What?  It’s my birthday suit.”

And I like to think a good time was had by all.  But it’s been so long, I forget.

For New Year’s, we headed to Livingston, Texas, to spend time with Hans’ family in “the country,” which is always a treat.

He’s too young to know this is for a girl.

“No, I’m not.  And now you’ve got me wearing this?”

“Back to the grind.”

Since I last wrote, Ethan has started walking (as Hans mentioned in one of his many recent blogs).  He had been standing without support and maybe taking a step or two…when all of a sudden, wham!  Hans and I were at our last community group meeting on a Tuesday night (December 14), and we kept getting texts (and then a video) from Kathleen (who was watching him) of him taking five and seven steps!  And he hasn’t looked back.  He never wants to be held (unless he’s exhausted) anymore…just wants to get down and move.  Squirmy wormy.  He started clapping (especially when music is playing) a while back, and he still shakes his head (sometimes rather vigorously).  One other thing he just began doing:  putting both hands to his face, a la Home Alone:

“Move over, Macaulay!”

And here are a few more pics to finish this entry off…finally.  Happy New Year!

“I didn’t do it.”

“Follow my lead…you’re going to love this.”

“I’m not supposed to be playing with this, am I?”

Just thought this one was cute.