Anyone who works knows what life in between Christmas and New Year’s is like. You sit in your office wondering if any co-workers will show up. Luckily, there are signs of life at the Chapel this Tuesday afternoon. I am usually one who lets time get away from him far too often, ending my day wondering what I’ve accomplished (if anything). But there are some things I’m learning that are helping me to stay active during this time.

Here is what has helped me:

  • Forecasting: Knowing what’s around the corner (and around that corner’s corner) has kept me honest when filling up spare time. I’ve started writing everything down that needs to be accomplished (from writing a thank-you note to launching a leadership team) and giving them self-imposed due dates. This allows for me to see what’s coming and be ready for it. I’m giving the software Things a run to see if I like how it helps me manage tasks.
  • Reviewing: This is one of my worst, but I am working toward reviewing what I need to do and what has been done to assess where I am and if i can take a breath. The holiday time is certainly more down (no students on campus, a lot of people on vacation, fewer deadlines), so there is more time to review.
  • Reading: When time slows down, I grab a book that may help me in ministry and give some time to that. I finished Good to Great on Christmas, am currently reading a book on God’s sovereignty. I have a biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the queue.
  • Relaxing: Work, like life, ebbs and flows. I’ll take the down time in stride because I know that it’ll soon ramp back up. With that being the case, if life in the office is slow, I’ll slow. I pray, I talk to someone on staff, and enjoy the time.

Gotta run! My friend Henry is here (he brought lunch!).