LOTR Update

I’m on page 648 out of 1008. With two weeks to go I’m feeling pretty good about this here bet with Evan. I have to have a keep a steady pace (my goal is 50 pages a day) to finish.

My only hope is Evan is tuning up his guitar and getting the best acoustically driven set he possibly can. This series WILL get finished.

3 Replies to “LOTR Update”

  1. You are either out of your mind or a man with a mission. I’m leaning on Option 1.

  2. I’m thinking both, Kimmy!

    I’ve got faith in you, Googenheim. Press on to Mordor, cast that nasssty ring into the cracks of Mount Doom, and let’s enjoy the forthcoming acoustic set from Evan!

  3. Dude, you must be closing in on “The Scouring of the Shire” by now (my only real disappointment with the film series was the lack of this great finale/epilogue to the tale). Can’t wait to talk about the story with you, once we are through laughing about the Bet.

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