Yes, The Bet is ON!

Peter: “You’re never gonna regret this Ray.”

Ray: “My parents left me that house. I was BORN there.”

Peter: “You’re not gonna lose the house. Everybody has three mortgages nowadays.”

A line from one of the best movies in the world, Ghostbusters. Spoken at an important moment where Ray mortgages his house AGAIN so the Ghostbusters have a chance of funding their dream. It was a risk, but the benefits far outweighed the cost (at least to Peter).

I’m not a huge risk taker, but in a moment of weakness I mentioned to my friend Roger my inability to successfully read fiction. Something about seminary trained me to only read things with clear thesis statements, abstracts, discussions, and conclusions. Fiction makes my brain hurt. He then said “I’m sure you’ve read the Lord of the Rings.” My answer? A resounding “No.” However, that wasn’t the risk. When Evan saw the new office furniture (read: the copies of the Lord of the Rings sitting in my office) he said “I’ll give you twenty-five bucks if you read those.”

Seriously? Twenty-five bucks? Why would I ever make a bet for an amount of money that I could simply ask a friend for? No, no. There must be something better than that. So we decided on this:

If I read the books by my birthday (June 26th) then Evan has to lead worship one Sunday entirely from the acoustic guitar and NOT the electric. However, if I fail, I have to watch all three extended-edition movies with him. Wait a second. I read for hours upon hours or I don’t read for hours upon hours and then must watch TV for hours upon hours. How’d I agree to this? What would Peter Venkman say to me about regrets?

You can see Evan’s telling of the story here:

Evan thinks it is a win-win for him, since either way I get exposed to LOTR. Maybe so. But here’s what he wasn’t thinking. For at least ONE Sunday he won’t have people telling him how LOUD the music was. And instead they’ll tell him how awesome he was and how great the worship was because they could “hear the words.” Then he’ll be eternally grateful for our wager.

Wait a second. No matter what happens Evan wins. I either get exposed to LOTR via book or DVD, or Evan gets to have people tell him how great he is. It’s one of Michael Scott’s notorious win-win-win’s.

I tip my hat to you, Godbold. You’ve already won.

6 Replies to “Yes, The Bet is ON!”

  1. Hans – you were one of my heroes…until I found out that you have neither read, nor watched Lord of the Rings! Disappointment! Here’s one tip while you read: you must push through the first part of the first book – it will get better and better once you get over the hump.

  2. And the winner is…

    Yours Truly! I’m lovin’ every minute of this action. My only request is to be present for the DVD viewing. Oh, wait, I guess that’s assuming you don’t read the books.

    Yeah, count me in for the viewing! I’ll even bring the DVDs. Welcome to Middle Earth, my friend. Beware the pass of Cirith Ungol! (Insert wicked laugh here)

  3. Don’t read the books Hans! If you must, it’s (much) faster to watch the movies… even though they each three hours long and full of the same stuff. Maybe you could get Cliff Notes! (I confess, I’m not a fan!) As for the volume on Sunday mornings…I like it! But doesn’t the ‘sound guy’ control that?

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