Church Vans

DrawTrainingCertificateThey’re like a rite of passage. No pastor can truly be a pastor until he has driven what no pastor would want to drive: a church van.

That’s right. Those 15-passenger behemoths of the road can now be driven by yours truly. I have passed the 15-passenger church van training that my church requires all van drivers to take. (I did not know that before taking a group of people on a retreat two weekends ago, but I’m legal now).

And what have I learned? I’ll tell you:

  • Church vans have a higher center of gravity than normal cars. (Really?)
  • A van driver should put the van in park and turn the engine off before letting people exit.
  • A van driver must give himself plenty of stopping time.
  • Many vans don’t have properly inflated tires. (Many cars don’t either, for that matter).

That’s about it. Who wants to go for a ride?

5 Replies to “Church Vans”

  1. Welcome to the club my friend. You know you better be careful – you’re walking precariously close to the dreaded “youthministerz” realm.

    Oh and by the way, I hate to break it to you, but you’re the one who will be taken for a ride my friend. Ministry tends to do that to a man.

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