The Office

Due to popular demand (or maybe just one comment by a friend), I decided to post some pics of Hans’ new office at The Chapel. You may notice that the walls are a stunningly familiar shade of…Motor City Blue, a.k.a. Leftover Guest Bedroom Paint. The place could use some wall hangings, bookshelves, maybe a ficus tree or two. I don’t have many pics (the office isn’t very big…), but I think they include everything in there:


New desk, new office chair, new pastor

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Three Chairs (definitely NOT new) and a Table


An Office with a View
(or, “This Microwave Doesn’t Work Very Well”)


Judging by his mini-fridge’s contents, you’d think he were a bachelor.
But wait! No! That’s a bag lunch made by his sweet, caring wife!

And that’s it: Hans’ Office 2009.  Check for updates in the future…

7 Replies to “The Office”

  1. Hey Guys, I am loving all the post and the pictures as well. There is a very important picture missing though. You guessed it the obligatory belly pic. Come on Court it is a must for those of us who don’t get to see your growing belly. Ok, now I need a cookie. Love you guys

  2. Hans I could totally see us hanging out around that table and talking about stuff. Very Nice.

    Also, what was in the lunch?

  3. I see a lot of power meetings happening in that office. Where is the motivational artwork on the walls that say “teamwork” and “excellence” – just a thought.

    Also, do you think the microwave would work if it was plugged in?

    LOVE THE OFFICE! it’s just missing a picture of Courtney in her wedding gown. 😉


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