It’s a. . .

Well, the time has finally come and gone. That time at 18 weeks where we wait as the ultrasound technicians says, “Do you want to know the sex of the baby.” I’ve been told that there is no experience like the one where you run out of the delivery room and say “It’s a. . .!!!” to a room of family and friends. Well family and friends, if you want to pretend that just happened, be my guest. However, Courtney and I decided that we’ll have enough to think about on the delivery day (blood sugar, health of mom, health of baby, how long the baby will be in the NICU)  so we opted to find out whether we need to be buying pink or blue.  We are having a . . .

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is worth at least 1001. Welcome to the family, son. You make your mother and  me proud.

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  1. Awesome!! Congrats man!!! You’re gonna love being a dad. Any thoughts on names yet??? – I’m thinking something biblical like “Mahlon” or “Kilion” (Just kidding – please don’t do that to him – look ’em up)

    1. No names yet. We’ve been rolling around with a few, but not many. Maher-shalal-haz-baz. That may work.

  2. Congrats!!! I agree finding out is so exciting & then it is even more exciting when the baby is born. So to me it seems you double the excitement!

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